Jenny's Hope Rescue

All too often Time runs out for babies like this. Help Us. Help Them.

Fostering a dog will be the most rewarding experience ever!

We are always in need of foster homes. Opening your heart and your home to a homeless dog, while being in transition from being rescued from a kill shelter to being adopted to their new forever home, is beneficial in their development and well being for a future life.

Reasons Fostering is so important

 1. Fostering saves millions of dogs lives each year.

Since we are rescue and not a shelter, the number of dogs we can save is solely determined by the number of foster homes we have.

2.  Fostered dogs live in a home.

The family will be socializing the dog just by living with him.  This family will be best to determine what type of family the dog will do best with, and whether or not your cat will be a friend or foe.

3.  Most importantly foster homes allow high kill shelters to simply become shelters for the abandoned.

4.  As a foster you will witness the most amazing transformation you will ever see. 

 You will witness the dog being rescued by his new forever family, and at the very same time you will witness a forever family being rescued by their new companion who YOU helped to mold into a life long friend.

Please help us to save more lives by becoming a foster!

Fill out our adoption application and in the line that asks for a dog's name, please put in "foster"

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write us

Thank You,


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