jenny jenny Jenny (Before Rescue) losing Hope This is Jenny after the puppymill threw her away after being done breeding her over and over, and before rescue saved her. Looking at her you can see all her HOPE was lost. 17141148 Jenny Taking in the sun, with solid ground under her feet. This is new for her after 5 years in a rabbit hutch with wire under her feet. 6146379 Jenny finally walking on grass freely Jenny would not walk on grass when she first arrived. Now she is running freely after my other yorkie Joey, and my very large cat Bogey 6512121 Jenny with her brother Joey and new sister Maggie Ahhh its time for nite nite cookies and off to snooze on this comfy bed with mom :) 48753089 What do you have for us? Jenny, Maggie and Joey waiting for some chicken. Nice life finally!! 48753088 Jenny Not Begging While Joey and Maggie have finished their dinners, Jenny waits patiently at my feet until i have finished my dinner just in case i want to share with her. Once i am finished she eats her own dinner. With that face of course she gets some of mine :) 64938438 What a Happy Bunch! What's one more bowl? 50143898 Jenny, 10 years old and more beautiful than ever! 163392078